1.0 – Introduction

Hello there! This is my brand new blog and I’m going to be trying a bit of a strange format, so bear with me-but first, some more about me.

I’m a junior at an American university and I’m studying business. As an introvert with a touch of social anxiety (and a desperate fear of public speaking), logically the very extroverted world of business would be the last place you’d find me. But it’s something I want to do and I am determined to push my limits, because I don’t want to go through life not knowing how far I can get past my fears.

I’ve gone through a lot in life, whether it be family, friends, school, anxiety, etc. I feel overwhelmed sometimes and I hope that by using writing as an outlet, I can stay grounded and remind myself just how privileged I am to be where I am now.

This blog will be random snippets of my daily (or weekly, or monthly) thoughts/feelings about anything and everything. I’m trying to follow a journal style so my posts may not be exciting reads for a passing stranger, but my hope is that by chronicling my emotions in their immediate and raw forms, they’ll be relatable and helpful to anyone who may be experiencing similar things. (Edit: I’ll title personal posts with a number, like 6.00, while more general posts won’t have numbers)

I hope that if you pop in at any time to follow me on my journey, you’ll be able to take something that will aid you with yours. And now that I’m done being a bit cheesy and dramatic, thanks for being here!


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